The last of Andi's Week-end.

Can you say work for food!
We start our children of early so why not the grandchildren too.
Think it will pass the child labor laws?
Andi is always trying to be helpful. I sat the blower down for a few seconds and next thing I know she's trying to help. We we're cleaning up the back yard because she love to spend lots of time outside, If it's clean and the gate is locked she can play outside all she wants.

One thing we have always told visitors that if they starve at our house it's their own fault, you can help yourself to anything. Well I was taking a power nap and Duane was watching Andi next thing I hear is something scooting across the floor, so I got up to see what was going on. Do you think Andi is Hungry? She is so independent she finding her own lunch. I had to grab my camera and take this picture, just as Duane was able to grab her because the table started slipping and she started falling. But all said and done she got food.

 I have some dress ups that I've had for a while waiting for Andali to get interested in them. We tried them on her and I think she likes the ladybug outfit.

Since mom wasn't here, I decided to try some curlers in Andi's Hair for Church, Turned out pretty well, for a little girl who hates to have things in her hair.

 Snack Time, She loves Cheese Balls, We went to Wal-Mart to see Aunt MaKayla at work and Andi grabbed these off the shelf and carried them through the store, it was so cute.