A Successful Therapy Session

Jessica asked that I not paint it white, She was a little too late because I had already purchased the paint. So I went ahead and painted it and I thought it looked good. 


So I decided to antique it, not sure how I felt about it, but there was no turning back now.

It bothered me so I had to go buy a mattress so I could see how it would look.
A Birthday Quilt, 

Now I just have to make another bed so I will have one for her when she comes to visit. 

Watch out Hunter the girls (Andi & Lydia) are taking over your room, but first I have to go shopping for more therapy wood.

the project is finished!!!

Now for delivery!

Here are the rest of my therapy projects I finished this weekend.
 Couldn't decide what color I wanted to do it in black or white, so I did both, I think I like the second one best.

The rest of my 4th of July projects, I do still have a couple more ideas in my head. (these are not my idea, saw them on the internet and decided I wanted to make some) So if the look familiar they could.

A Day of Therapy

What an eventful day,  Thought it was time to do a little therapy, it's been a while,  Therapy to me is going out to the garage and make a mess with saw dust, that part I have to say I accomplished.

Got an early start, I knew I would have to stop sometime in my work to run to Bunkerville to get my sanders that I loaned my parents while I was gone on vacation. They don't get up to early these days so i had to wait a few hours before I could call to make sure they were home. 

Therapy on the other hand took some time and patience. I got started and things were going really well,  I got to the point I needed my nail gun and I couldn't find it anywhere,  I looked everywhere, when I got frustrated an called Duane to see if you lent it out, he said no, I told him I was going to buy new ones if they didn't show up. Nowhere to be found, I called my parents to see if I happened to give it to them with the sanders, and mom said no. I wasn't being a very happy camper... meanwhile my mom calls me back and said they did have it, so this is when I get impatient and call Duane and ask him if he would go get my tools for me, (he had my car) he was busy and said he would go soon.  My dad said he would not eat his breakfast and bring them right now. (he knows how impatient I am) but that's when I noticed the big puddle of water on my kitchen floor... what else? I said no eat your breakfast, apparently I have time to waste, I have water to clean up an find where it's coming from.

The cupboard under the sink was soaking wet, apparently my dishwasher leaks, I never use the dishwasher I think they are dumb, I would rather wash my hand it's so much faster. So the dishwasher hasn't been used for a while.  Duane decided to be wonderful and clean my dinning room and kitchen light and fix all burned out light bulbs.

See how clean they are! So Life is Good! even though I had puddles of water, I have Clean Lights!

Mean while I waited for Duane to get me my tools so I could finish one of my projects. He called and told my he was on his way to go get them, but it seemed forever and he hadn't gotten back yet, I texted him and told him I was trying to be patient.  He came pretty soon after that.

So Back to work and I was able to finish my toddler picnic table. Now I just have to decide what color to paint it.

Then my next project. I told Jessica I wanted to make Andi her toddler bed for her birthday. So I decided I better get started on that, because once Summer starts who know what's going to happen! June seems booked already, Between Camp Ruth, (love it) and Hunter going to Camp Heleman, and Alex leaving for his National Guard Training until Oct. June will be over and Andi Birthday in in July. So I got started on it.

The question is, why is it when a person has a set of plans of something that seemed to work for other people, why do I have to think of changing the plan? why not do one we know already works? I have no idea, but it seems I always think there is a better idea I want to try and so some things take a lot longer then needs to be. 

I had some bead board and I wanted to use it instead of a bunch of 1x4's. Again everything was going great, then I went to use one of my sanders, and it was broken, went to use another one, and I had already ran out of paper for it on the picnic table. So I jump in the car and run to Ace to get  either a new sander or sandpaper, I had a $15.00 gift card from my Ace rewards to use. So I go to Ace and no sander like the one I wanted, went to get sandpaper and No sandpaper to fit my other sander. so I purchase a different kind of sandpaper thinking I could get it to work for me, and apparently you have to spend the whole $15.00 at once. So I ended up with 3 Pepsi's which I hardly ever drink but was really thirsty so one sounded good, and to chick o sticks. So I spent my $15.00, I call this a Grandma Leavitt Therapy session. These are things I would always take her shopping for. So Life is Good!!! I had a Grandma Leavitt moment.

Grandma Leavitt Pepsi
And boy was it good!!!

So my sandpaper I got didn't work, So I called Alex and asked him to run to Wal-mart for me to find me a sander. Life Is Good, He got me a new sander so I could finish my job.

Foot board


and I was able to finish my second project, It's going to look a lot better once it's painted. Again just got to decide what color, Thinking White.

It almost looks like a chair

So all in all It was a good day, but I'm not finished yet, got a few orders to finish up, I hope I get to play some more tomorrow, but first I have to learn how to fix a fishing pole before Cub Scouts, have to teach them, so I better learn it.

Back to Crafting

Got the crafting bug today, and decided to make some new crafts, 4th of July is one of my favorite Holidays. (can't be because my parents always tried to convince me that the 4th of July fireworks were for my Birthday) I love fireworks and I love the 4th and true meaning of the 4th. I have always had a great respect for those who serve our Country and the Freedom and Security that it gives me and my family. We could never say Thank you or show enough gratitude for our service men and their families for their sacrifices.  Sometimes it seems they are over looked unlike our other hero's the Fire and Police Force.  

So I decided I wanted to make some 4th of July Crafts to put around the house of the Celebration of our Country's Freedom. 

This is the only one I have finished so far, but plan on making more this week, Just got to pick that day for the saw dust to fly.  Got all my ideas together and ready to have some fun.

Girls Night

So last night was our wards Father and Son's camp out. I've always enjoyed having those times. Me and my girls would always go out, eat dinner, see a movie, or go shopping. But this time I found, my girls have grown up and are no longer around.  So I really didn't have any plans. (except finish cleaning house and put suitcases away, or maybe pull two weeks of weeds)

Then Angela (my sister) called me and asked if I would be available to take some pictures for her at her "Lets Play Music" recital so of course I said yes. The picture she wanted most was a group picture. Well I took some of those really cute kids. They sang so well,  

The pictures I took during the performance turned out really good, and then the group shot the one she wanted most,  so I changed my lens, set up all the kids, took my shoot, which I thought was great. And then when I came home and put them on my computer this is what I had.

Blurry Picture. Can't figure out what I did wrong. I did everything in manual except the focus. when it come to focus I do automatic because I need a eye appointment and insurance say I can't until July, meanwhile I don't see so well. But I do see better than this. All 6 pictures I took of the group was blurry, as I look at the info, it looks like I screwed up my center weight setting. I count this as another lesson learned, but it still does not give Angela the group picture she wanted, so if any of you mom's read this and you got one, She needs one.

So after we cleaned, Angela and her girls (Alley and Ashlyn) went for a girls night out. Artie had father and son's also. So we went to Los Lupes to eat, and then they all came to my house for a sleep over. Angela was so tired, but she was a good sport and stayed awake with us, The girls and I played games. We got to bed just about midnight by the time we stopped giggling in bed. (Yes the girls wanted us all to sleep in one bed) that only lasted until the little ones feel asleep. Then I got up and went to my own bed. Yes Ashlyn needs her tonsils out, the girl can't breath, she would gasp for air and I would think once in a while she wasn't going to get it. So I could tell right away I was going to be up all night. So I crawled off to my own bed, and got up early to be in the living room before they woke up. Now they are up (except Angela) and ready to play again.

Cub Scouts with the Army Man

We just got home from our trip Wednesday Night, as  I was working on my 7 loads of laundry, two week worth of dust and dirt from while I was gone, it hit me, I have scouts today! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?
So I asked Alex to come to scouts in his army uniform and talk to the boys, on whatever he wanted to, I figured even if it wasn't in their books they would still enjoy it. That and he had some National Guard coins, wallet, and can holder things he could give to the boys after.

Nothing could have worked out better, for our opening, Pam worked with the boys on flag presentation. Then Alex did teach from the bear book and taught how he has to be physical fit in the army and did a workout and games with the boys, The boys loved it, just like I thought they would. One didn't want to go home when his mom showed up, He told her to wait just 4 min. because the Army Man wasn't finished. Alex did a great job with the boys.

And Hunter took most of these pictures. He seems to like my camera, although he likes taking them without looking through to see what he's taking them of. It's always a surprise to me what I will find.

Back Home

What a wonderful trip, even with delayed flights, missed connections, and the mad dash running through the airport. I would do it all over again. 

It was wonderful to spend some time with Duane and Hunter without any interruptions from the outside world. 

But it was even better the week I had alone with my wonderful husband. It had been too long since we have had that time together. It seem like the last 3-4 years we have been so busy taking care of everything else, but ourselves. I believe sometimes we get so busy in our responsibilities to everyone and everything else we loose ourselves and forget or take for granted those we love and should spend the most time with.

Now all we need is a really good nights sleep.

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