Why I think I've got the cutest Grandkids

Jessica and the girls came down this last weekend for a few days, so of course I had to take some pictures. Or I just wouldn't be me.

The First three pictures are of Andali, Andi and I had been looking at scrapbooks and pictures of her mommy when she was young trying to show her how much I think she looks like her mom.

Ever since Jessica was a baby she was very sensitive to light, as a baby she could never open her eyes when we would go outside.  So I would put sunglasses on her, but they would never stay on, so I taped them to her head. (looked funny, but I had a happy baby) When Andi saw this she had to run over, get some tape and put them on her glasses that Aunt MaKayla had bought her the day before. 

It was all too funny, of course my camera wasn't too far a way and she let us take a few pictures. She didn't quite get the tape in the right direction but it's there.

Yes that's peanut butter and jelly all over her face.

these pictures I think are just plain cute, She loves the swing not matter if it's 110 outside, Jessica said she didn't know how I could be out there, I just have to say, we do it for the kids.
Lydia is like her mom because she also can't part with the binkie, no one loved her binkie like Jessica did. Even when she was older (3) and was no longer having one, I would catch her hiding in the corner sucking her brothers. She must of had thought if Alex isn't going to use it I might as well, shouldn't waiste things right.

 but unlike Jessica Lydia loves her babydoll, Jessica hated dolls. She didn't want anything to do with them until MaKayla and Alex would be playing to nice together for hours with the dolls and getting along so well, Jessica would get jealous and bully her way in and try to take over, which of course made MaKayla and Alex cry and wine.

 Once I took the binkie and hide it, I got all kinds of smiles out of Lydia.

 This is one of Lydia, saying Cheeeeeeeese for the camera with a tilt to her head. What a super model.

Even though I get tired out after about 3 days when they come I always miss the girls when they leave. It's like you can't get enough of them. Went and saw them again yesterday for a quick short visit, It always breaks my heart when they want to get in the car and come home with me and I can't take them. Not sure what I'm going to do when their daddy moves on with College and may be to far away to visit or steal once in a while.


Today, our children planned a day for the whole family to get together to celebrate Duane and I's 25th wedding anniversary. Our Anniversary isn't official until the 14th but Alex is head to Korea this next week for his National Guard training for the next month. So the plan was to meet in St. George and go play at Snow Canyon and have a picnic so we did just that.
Duane wanted to got there because that's where we went for our 1st Anniversary.

I have to say today was a lot of fun and we couldn't of had a more beautiful day to have planned it on. We hiked, climbed, eat, and played in the soft sand. With all that fun there was only 2 of us that put holes in our pants, not bad for having 9 people.

Here are a few pictures of our Fun.
 Our group picture when we first started out hikes.

Who wouldn't want to spend time with this face, the whole time we hiked Duane carried Lydia, and Lydia would see me and reach out for me, she loves her grannie! She is so lovable you just want to squeeze her.
 Jared and Jessica were the first ones to the top, they are doing a Duane pose form a picture that was taken 24 years ago.
 Working as a family to get everyone back down.

 Okay, I don't know where this girl comes up with things, she's got to be the funniest thing ever. Once in the sand dunes either she thought she would lay there and take a nap (which I thought sounded fun) or she would just fall backwards and then roll down the hills. When she would fall there was a few times she landed on her head first before her butt I thought for sure she would quite or cry, but no she would laugh and do it again.

 Lydia entertaining the family by eating dirt.

 and of course you can't leave the sand dunes without putting someone in it. Hunter was the lucky winner.
As we were leaving the moon just started to show itself over the mountain, what a way to finish the day.
can't wait to see the kid's pictures they took.

Bunnies, Bunnies and more Bunnies

So I've had a couple more therapy session the last few week, I've been dragging this one out for a while. There where so many cute Easter Bunny Crafts out there I couldn't decide which ones to make. 

On top of that I'm having Bunco at my house this month and thought maybe I would make the gifts. But now that I'm all done, not sure they are going to work for Bunco. I guess I have looked at them for so long that I'm questioning myself if anyone else would like them.  Jessica tells me NO THEY WON'T but I can give them to her. (she takes charity from me a lot). So I might have to go shopping and do something different.

There's a few I like a lot, and then others I question. Here are all the ones I made.

And just as I cleaned up my craft room and thing put away, MaKayla came by and had an idea, she wanted to design a craft herself, he drew it out on paper, and we put it on wood, and taught here how to use the tools, We just spent the last 4-5 hours together making her creation. I had fun working with her, it was very peaceful and fun until the boys (Hunter and Sam) came home, then it was....... Let's just say we ditched them and went out to grab some food.


So much prettier in person.


Wood Valentine Heart I made in one of my last Wood Therapy Sessions.


one of them broke, and so I mended it with some ribbon, thought that it was appropriate since we all get broken heart at one time or another an yet they get mended.

I also started my St. Patrick Days crafts

and a start on Spring.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYDIA!!! We went to Cedar City today for Lydia's first Birthday, she is cutest thing ever. Not sure I've seen such a Happy Girl like her in a long time, you'll very seldom ever see her cry.

Jessica and Jared had lots of food, drinks, and treats for everyone. And we all had lots of fun.