Bunnies, Bunnies and more Bunnies

So I've had a couple more therapy session the last few week, I've been dragging this one out for a while. There where so many cute Easter Bunny Crafts out there I couldn't decide which ones to make. 

On top of that I'm having Bunco at my house this month and thought maybe I would make the gifts. But now that I'm all done, not sure they are going to work for Bunco. I guess I have looked at them for so long that I'm questioning myself if anyone else would like them.  Jessica tells me NO THEY WON'T but I can give them to her. (she takes charity from me a lot). So I might have to go shopping and do something different.

There's a few I like a lot, and then others I question. Here are all the ones I made.

And just as I cleaned up my craft room and thing put away, MaKayla came by and had an idea, she wanted to design a craft herself, he drew it out on paper, and we put it on wood, and taught here how to use the tools, We just spent the last 4-5 hours together making her creation. I had fun working with her, it was very peaceful and fun until the boys (Hunter and Sam) came home, then it was....... Let's just say we ditched them and went out to grab some food.