Laub Style Easter Fun!

The Saturday before Easter the Laub Family always gets together to do something fun. We always know we will do something, but never know exactly what, where, and what time.

The weather in the Spring is so unpredictable, Growning up our funniest was playing at the river, but it seems lately that it's always to full and rough. Duane and I was staking out our spot, but then it rained in Utah and that gave us even more rolling muddy water than we had just the week before when we found some fun spots to play in.

As the last resort we ended up at Mom and Dad's to cook Hot dogs and have an Easter Egg Hunt. Some of us brought ATVs to play ahead of time, and had some fun ridding around in Bunkerville, Angela brought kids baseball and bat and they all had fun playing ball, with Alex as the designated pitcher. Even the two youngest got their turn to bat, 

Whenever Gage would hit the ball he would just run in a small circles as fast as he could for a long time. Adler would hit the ball and just take of running, A few times we would have to say Come Back because you wouldn't see him any longer, (no idea where he was running to)

We enjoyed everyone's company and had a great time.

"With a face like this, you can't help but take a picture of it" Quote from Alex

 Mug shots before Easter Egg Hunting

 The Younger Kids (ones not in school) got to go first, then the older ones.

 Who found the Golden Egg with MONEY?

Spring Break (White Rock)

Spring Break Friday 

We worked the first half of Spring Break but then it was time to play, Alex got here early Friday morning and then it was off to playing in the hill. We took the jeep, guns, and lots of water and went on a trip up to white rock with Alex driving. 

As we got there this was the first thing on the list of things to do for Duane and Alex.

why does it seem like every time Alex drives the four of us we have to do something to fix the jeep. A year ago we were in Pine Valley when he got us stuck big time in the snow. At least this time we didn't have to call for help. Duane actually just filled the spare right before we left. We are still on the original tire from when we bought the jeep from Brent and Tyler 4 or 5 years ago and we have known that we needed new tires for a while. We beat them up pretty good a couple of years ago on trek, I'm surprise it lasted this long.

Alex did  some hiking, and I tried out some of my new filters for my camera, and of course the boys brought their toy guns.

A look back to Mesquite from White Rock.

My boy's and their toys

 We got company while at white rock so it wasn't a place they could play with their toys any longer so we moved on to a new location.