Mary Leavitt Frehner

There was one day; I was up in Mesquite visiting from Las Vegas. There was Joni, Dagan and I and we decided to head over to what was called the Western Village at the time (now the Oasis). We were about half way there and Grandpa and Grandma jumped out of the car, grabbed us and gave us each a spanking of our life.  Never made that mistake again.
                  Stacie Frehner

I was up at the cabin and was sitting in the outhouse/bathroom and out of my right eye. I see something moving – I look across the room and see a snake – I screamed bloody murder and everyone came running. Needless to say it was only a gardener snake and I was embarrassed fro the rest of the day.
                  Stacie Frehner

Corby remembers when he was visiting Grandma Frehner’s house and she told him how he was her favorite. The family had to go somewhere, and Corby had to stay at Grandmas house. He was NOT happy about that. He wanted to go!  After the rest of the family left, Corby was throwing a fit and grandma called him over, sat him down, and told him she had saved a special present just for him.  She went into the other room for a couple of minutes, and came out with a big box. Inside was a great present for a young boy: A Toy Train! Suddenly, Corby’s worries were forgotten, and he spent hours playing with it! The train is still up and running in the Frehner house. Constantly reminding us of Grandma Frehner’s love and caring.
                  Alf and Susan Frehner Family

Juicy Fruit and Big Red
            Tyron Bennion

Grandma always told me of the story of when I was stung by the scorpion. (In her house.) Since she recorded it in her journal. She had to tell me once, and then read it over and over again. She always said that when my dad brought me to their house for the first time she thought I was and angel.
The reason why I remember this memory the most is because Grandma is the reason why I am her today.  I Love you Grandma!
                  Lindsey James

I just remember going to see her on Sunday and she would always have food for us and toys for us to play with. I always loved going to their house, especially when I could spend the night at her house and she would get us movies and cook us dinner. I’m grateful for the time I got to spend with her and I love her so much.
                  Melanie Frehner

      Happy sounds, swimming in the ditch, taking me to the falls, protecting me from the teasing of Alf, Bryce and Creed.

     When I was fourteen, grandma came to visit at our home in Vegas, early seventies. Mom had just sewed my school clothes and had us put on a fashion show for her.  My skirts were long and below my knees, grandma insisted that mother shorten my skirts a little bit to show off a little leg. I was so grateful to her for that.
                  Keena Leavitt Bennion

Going to Grandma House, at the bottom of the hill and getting candy and play on her exercising trampoline.
            Teisha Bennion

While I was on my mission I had run out of money and didn’t know what I was going to do.  My president refused to give us more and so I was going to have to go without food.  To my surprise I received a check in the mail from Grandma Frehner. Come to find out she had demanded that Toiya send me money and she wouldn’t let it be until Toiya had put the stamp on the envelope and put it in the mail.  Somehow she had known that I would be in need in the two weeks that it took for the check to get to me.  How grateful I am that she was listening to the spirit and acted on it.
            Tyron Bennion

Every year grandma would come over to grandma Larkin’s for Thanks-giving dinner...
Whenever we saw her she always had candy for us.
            Kiersta Spendlove

My most vivid memory is watching Grandma Pick cactus pears to make prickly pear jelly. My FAVORITE. It made me appreciate the final product because of the obvious danger involved in picking.
          Loni Spendlove

Grandma Frehner was a Sharp Shooter – She could shoot a twenty-Two and kill a chicken in the head (every time)—

Your great grandpa, Frehner only had one eye, but he also was a great shoot with the 30-30 deer rifle. In more than one accession, he would shoot a goose out of the sky as a flock was flying by.
           Clark Reber

The first time I (Scott) met Grandma she was up for Darla’s mission home coming.  We became fast friends and she was actually the first one I told that I was going to propose to Darla. She of course wanted to see the ring and she kept my secret well.
We later spent a wonderful Christmas holiday in her home where she treated us as royal guests.
Just after McKenzie was born, Grandma came out to North Carolina with Dorothy. We were able to take some four-generation pictures.
Two years later, we drove 2,500 miles and thought the night to make it to grandma 80th birthday party. It was worth every minute. She treated us like children found after being lost for years.
We will always love Grandma
          Scott St. Clair

I have a lot of good memories of my sweet Grandma Frehner. Food, Food, Food!!!
Summers were fun at her house.
    Nestle quick Chocolate and strawberry milk. (Which we never got at home) - Grandma and Aunt Kimi taught me how to make pigs in a blanket. Butter bread, put on cheese with a hotdog. Toothpicks to hold up the sides and bake. I was in heaven. - Money to buy ice cream at the Frost Stop. - Rock candy suckers at Christmas - See’s Candy when I was older.
Scott wonders were I get this from? One summer grandma tried to teach me to crochet foot booties. She gave up on me. I only got one foot done.
Grandma is my hero!!!!
           Darla (Thurston) St. Clair

I went hunting with my father, Leonard Rebar, and Uncle Fenton in the Bunkerville Mountains above the Cabin and White Rock. I was too young to hunt, But Uncle Font shot a 4 point and a two point and credited me with one of the kills.
     When I was about 12-13 years old Aunt Mary stood up and bore a strong and emotional testimony of the savior. It has stayed with me a lifetime.
           Ken Reber

Aunt Mary was always my inspiration when it came to being happy. We would go up to the ranch and swim in the Dig Ditch and she swam along with us kids. They always had some really fun toy at Christmas – usually a mechanical one that we loved to play with. Her Christmas cake was so yummy with great big nuts (whole ones) in it.  They had a great big crank ice cream freezer that we had to sit on to crank it when the ice cream was almost frozen to keep it still.
           Nita Rae Halet

I Loved so many ting. I thought he was so clever on Halloween. He dressed up like the Viper and a roll of Toilet paper. Went around all night without saying a word. No one guessed who he was.  I tended kids once and tried to make lumpy Dick what a disaster. But the kids were kind. I was amazed at his ability to make toys that were sturdy and fun. Aunt Mary put up with a lot of kids and Uncle Fent helped us fell work was fun.
I loved them both
           Gwen R. Homes

Aunt Mary was always happy and loving. She made the best chicken I ever tasted. I remember swimming in the big ditch and playing in the yard. We always looked forward to our visits in Mesquite.
           Merle Allen Rust

   I remember Grandma and Grandpas house always being a special place. I would always have Alf, Bryce, Kimi and other cousins there to play with.
   We would play in the Basement turn off the light and scare each other.  Swim in the big ditch. Roll tires off the hill behind the house. The big tire swing, tree houses, Basketball, hitting baseball over the corrals, going to the Cabin, Dutch oven dinners, sleeping on the deck, looking for Indian arrowheads and pottery.  There were pigs to slop, Chickens to feed Calves we feed with oversized baby bottles, Haystack to play n. The there ware the mush melons, watermelons, cantaloupe, pomegranates.
   The Frost Stop next door that provided us with candy, ice cream, burgers, and fries, drink, pinball. We played in the “salt trees” in the wash built tunnels in the sand, looking for turtles and snakes.
   The smell that came from Hafen dairy. We arrived to Mesquite always let us know we where close to Grandma and there was always something to do. I could not imagine having a better childhood.
           Brad Thurston

I remember driving through Mesquite early one morning. We stopped to say Hi to Grandma and Grandpas. Grandma insisted d on fixing breakfast for us and started boiling water for oatmeal. Before we knew what was going on she was fixing eggs, toast, and at least for more dishes
           Alice Thurston

What I remember about Grandmas Frehner was going to her house after begging my mom and dad to let me walk down the hill to see her when I got over the river and to her house. Grandma would always pull her toys out of the closet and let us play for a while then she had us sit on the counter stools and she fed us as much ice cream we wanted and junk food we could take by the time we had to go home she should send us on our way with a little sip-lock bag with goodies.
I also remember picking apricots from her back yare and playing many games.
           Nonie Shea Robinson

I remember that Grandma always had a stash of “gifts” – usually pretty unique – to give to grandkids. They kept these in the shed out back (of their old house on Main Street) One year she came to the little play I was in and gave me a little “Vegas Village” shot glass. One time she gave me Las Vegas Salt and Pepper Shakers. One time it was chimes. She always had something to give.
           Joni Eastman

It was Christmas Eve (1991) and we had the privilege of staying at her home. I remember hearing Christmas music and I could hear Grandma Frehner HO, HO, HO, and Merry Christmas! I got out of bed and she was wearing a Santa Hat and dancing and singing. I do not remember the presents I received but it was the best Christmas ever!
           Dori Rogers

I had come up to Dixie College Shortly after Graduation, and was 17 turning 18. My Birthday came around in Oct. 14 and I was feeling a little forgotten when Grandma showed up at my apartment and gave me a handmade quilt for my birthday. I couldn’t believe she remembered and I felt so special.
     Both she and Grandpa showed up for my high school graduation and I don’t even know how she knew I was graduating  I had not sent out any announcements They brought me a wonderful small set of scriptures with my name engraved on the. I didn’t want them to feel obligated to come all the way to Calif. But it made my graduation so wonderful to have them there.
     I remember Grandma getting up way before everyone else, when we were up at the cabin and making hotcakes for us on the old wood burning stove.
     One summer when my parents let me stay with Grandma for a week and she spoiled me rotten. I was 15, but I remember her saying here’s the key to the truck, why don’t you go for a ride downtown. “I was so amazed and told her” but Grandma I don’t have a license yet” and she said “Oh, that’s alright, go ahead have fun.” I never wanted to go home.
     I remember her cutting a piece of cake right out of the middle for grandpa and thought wow she really loves him to give the very best piece.
                 Aime Skelton

I remember Grandma’s house in Mesquite, and how she always had toys and treats for us when we came to visit. I remember visiting her after she moved to St. George. She still always had treats for us and she would always ask us to writing in her journal and tell her everything that was happening in our lives. She was always very interested in us as individuals, and she was always very proud of our successes. I also remember that grandma liked to watch BYU devotionals on TV she was such a sweetie and gave great hugs and kissed!
           Jennifer Reynolds

Whenever we visited Grandma and Grandpa Frehner’s (which was almost every Sunday till Grandma moved to St. George.) they always made you feel welcomed.  If they were watching TV they would turn it off and visit, unless it was “Murder She Wrote” then Grandma would just mute it. They would talk to us and find out what was going on in out lives.
The Kids could make themselves at home in grandma toy closet playing with everything in sight, and there was not wrong way to put them away, as long as the door would close.
Grandma always had treat for us, even it we didn’t want any, before you would know it our tummies would be full, and the cookie jar would be empty.
Grandma and Grandpa were always happy, and had a great listening ear. We will enjoy the many memories that they have created for us, and share them with others of their lives here upon this earth.
I am so glad to finally see grandma reunite with grandpa once again. They had been apart from each other long enough.
Well miss you but we won’t forget what you’ve taught us.
Kimberly Thurston

Where to Start? Grandma was such a funny, sweet lady. She always had a smile just for you and had such a witty personality. I loved her selflessness and the fact that she never wanted to be a bother (which she never was but deserved to be). That was such an example to me of the love and a great attitude. Grandma had some words/phrases she would use on a regular basis, such as, “yeah.” “Oh shoot”, and “food is a dirty word!” (Even though she loved a good treat or bread and BUTTER anytime.)
Grandma had such gorgeous thick hair and beautiful fingernails, Every Tuesday, Thursday, And Saturday Grandma and I had a “date” and we would “play beauty parlor.”  She always loved to go and get her hair done @ the beauty parlor and especially loved to give the hairdresser a large tip and couldn’t be talked into anything smaller. The game show network was a favorite of Grandma’s and we spent some quality time reliving reruns of Family Feud, wheel of Fortune, and many more that were from before my time.
    Grandma loved sugar and would go through a tub of chocolate covered raisins in no time flat!  She also liked to have a “suicide” soda pop, which had a little bit of everything in it.
    Grandma likes to have cups of water and we would have to go searching through the hose to collect cups half-full of water whenever the cupboard became bare.
    Grandma made sure she had a “dripper” (Kleenex) every time we left the house. I don’t know if I will be able to call a Kleenex just a Kleenex after that. It will always be a “dripper”.
    Grandma was one tough lady and I never heard a word of complaint from her. Such a sweet woman. I learned so much from her!
    One memory that I love is the time Grandma and I went to the grocery store, I put her in the motorized cart and started to steer it for her. Off we went! I didn’t realize it had so much power and it almost pulled me off my feet. We just laughed and laughed and Grandma loved to ride along as we shopped. We barely made it out of the store alive!                        
Megan Marchenat