Field of Flags

The City did their annual Field of Flags for our past, present and future service men and women, and their families. 

I'm am so thankful for all that they do for us and our freedom that we enjoy every minute of the day. And to those many who have served but we also have Alex who has volunterred his life to the service of his fellow men.

We took advantage of such a great backdrop to take a few pictures of our Soldier and our new official EAGLE SCOUT!!!  After two year since Hunter's eagle project has been finished, he finally decided to finish the paperwork and get his Eagle. I'm so proud of him for finishing it. I was not going to do it for them, People would always tell me to get it done. I would just tell them it's not my Eagle, it's his. Besides he might want to drive one of these days, he'll get it.
He finished his paper work 100% just before School started this year. 

Hunter choose to wait for Alex to get home from his AIT training and Airborne school for the National Guard and have his Eagle award on 11-11-11 it was his dad's choice to do it at 11:00 am. I know it stopped family member to not be able to attend having it at that time but it made it so his two sisters could make it due to work schedules. We felt it was most important for them to be there. It was a wonderful day.

Feild of Flags