It's a Nice Day Outside

Wed, March 30, 2011

Yesterday I stopped by Angela's (my sister) and Ammon wanted to come to my  house, but he already had a friend over playing at his. They have an Pecan tree in their front yard, so we got the broom and knocked down all the nuts we could reach, then we sat on the porch and cracked and ate nuts, What the life, could have done that all day if it wasn't getting lunch time and I hadn't even had breakfast yet and I was suppose to be at the store buying milk and bread. So i told Ammon he could come to my house today.

It's such a nice day outside, why would anyone want to be in the house doing bills... That's why I'm so glad that my (Nephew) Ammon came over to play some today while his mom went to buy some running shoes. It's was a good break from everyday stuff.

We played games, Connect 4, Boggle Jr. we even tried the light bright, but that didn't keep his interest too much. It's kinda hard trying to remember what works for what age, And also the difference between little girls and boys, I had to look harder for things that a boy would want to do vs. Andi. And when it all came down to it, He likes be outside swinging in the hammock eating  Popsicle's, pistachio nuts, and candy from Uncle Duane's candy machine just like girls, so we found a common ground that we both enjoyed.

Now it's back to reality... Hunter will be home from school soon and we are just about finished pulling weed and working in MaKayla's yard. We might have to rethink what jobs we take on to earn spending money for an up coming Vacation, at lest it will be finished before it gets too hot.

Lydia's Blessing Day!

Another Day with papa

One of the two things that Andi loves the most at papa's house is his candy machine and the freezer for pop cycles.

this morning I was in getting dressed and our dog went under my bed. Andi looked under and got all excited, She climbed under the bed and then came back out laughing the hole time, she ran out of the room and to the candy machine. She had found a penny under the bed and she was going to buy some candy.  I thought she was after the dog. She was a little disappointed when the machine took her money and she got no candy. It only takes quarters... as you can see she got that quarter. All before Breakfast (don't tell  her mom)

It was a rainy day today,  it stopped us from getting pictures of Andi in her new dress, but didn't stop us from playing.

 We went for a ride down to the river on the rhino. I was amazed how much the flooding we had this winter changed the landscape. I hadn't been down to see it until today. It really did a lot of damage.

We did have some fun. There's a few more beaches than there was before, maybe not as nice looking, but one can still have fun. We taught Andi how to take a stick and write our names in the dirt, and build a sand castle with what available. 

Most of the rest of the day, was a work day. You know the safari location of Andi's pictures of the day before, we need to remove all the props we had used. The weeds had to go. We work on it quite a while. While we worked on it Andi wanted to visit MaKayla so she went knocking on her door. MaKayla never answered and we moved our attention off from her and she took a stumble down her cement steps. Well that's where her papa found her. She fell on her nose and had a bloody nose.  It really didn't look that bad... until...
the next day. You can kinda see it here later in the picture from when we went over to Grandpa-Great Grandpa Laub's House  for his Birthday Cake and Ice Cream.

Great Grandpa Laub gave Andi a bag of Jelly beans, She was a happy Girl.

Safari Photo Shoot

Friday - March 25, 2011

I'm so glad that Jared and Jessica and the girls live by close enough that we can go and kidnap Andi just about whenever we want. We took off yesterday to bring her down for a couple of days. While Jessica takes care of sick Lydia. Before we know they will be finished with school at SUU and they will end up moving too far away.  I've come a little attached to this little one, and it's so much funner being the Grannie and not the mom. Today Duane and I took her on a Safari photo shoot, I thought it turned out great, it was a lot of fun, even though it was a very cold morning for Spring. 

after our Safari photo shoot we got our coats and went to the park to play. Andi even took a turn pulling papa (well she tried) in the red wagon.

and after that we went to the store and bought some old bread and went to feed the ducks. Andi was a little scared of them at first the swans were very loud, so it took a little while to warm up to them.

Once we let Mahana (the dog) out of the car she chased them all away. We had to get closer to the water to feed them, Mahana kept getting in the water and stilling the bread away from this swan. It was so funny the swan would ruffle up it's neck feather and hiss at her, it was so funny.

We're not finished with our Photo shoots yet. Tomorrow if weather permits we're going to get some in a new dress I made for Andi for Lydia's Baby Blessing.

Scouting is Fun

Thursday - March 24, 2011 
Cub Scouts - this is my new church calling and I'm loving it. Who said teaching 8 year old boy's to hammer nails wouldn't be fun. I have 4 boys in my den, I do the Wolf and Bear pack and Hunter is my helper.  

We've been starting our our weekly den meeting with a fun game of floor hockey, I have to say we are improving. The first week we played, We ran around for 20 minutes before anyone scored. Once someone scored we could finally start scouts, and we only had one boy get hurt and I only fell to the floor once. (poor boy I tripped over) of course he was more worried about me, I was the one laying on my back. 

Yesterday was better, I never fell, no one got hurt and we had a score of 4-1.

We decided that we were going to have a class B uniform. My boy's all voted on a color for the shirt and what we wanted on them. We got almost exactly what we wanted except for the really big 596 on the back of the shirt like a football player, It wasn't cost effectively, since I couldn't make that part myself. 

We were able to get our t-shirts at the local store for 2.97 ea. and some dark transparent transfer paper. Put that altogether and what do you got a whole bunch of scout shirts. We had the boys just put them on over their shirts they were already wearing. Don't you Love the pj's they wearing.. it's reading week and school and it happened to be pj day.

Putting Up the Swimming Pool

We have a portable swimming pool. We got it back in 2007 and it's been stored in the garage since the end of that summer.

Every summer when Hunter asks if were putting it up this year, I would always ask the question. Who's going to clean it. NO One would volunteer so it never went up.

Duane was cleaning the garage last week while Alex was on his spring break, and it was a nice warm week. We decided to put up the pool and if it's doesn't have some magical person other than myself left to clean it we will keep it. If not it won't be here next year.

Alex was in charge of putting up the pool. Jessica, Jared, and the girls camp while Alex was working on it.

When Jessica, Jared and the girls showed up, Andi was wearing a sweater. It was a nice warm day and I immediately took her sweater off, It made me hot just looking at her. The next thing we know, she's helping Alex and loving it. So we had to grab the camera and get pictures.

She likes this kind of swimming, she didn't like pools last year,  once it's full she probably won't like this one either.

Of course we got the water fill up, and two things happened. We must have a leak because it won't stay full, and the weather changed on us the very next day.

At least we got a head start on summer.


March 14, 2011

24 Years today, Wow! How can a person be so lucky!!

Duane gave me 24 roses this morning for our 24th wedding Anniversary.  What a great Guy! Would write more about that here, but feel I should save that for him personally first, not the world.

Guilt and Fun

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Got a really early start today, Duane and I are planning a trip to take  in the next couple of months. The airline tickets are finalized and finishing up on accommodations. Woke up feeling guilty that we weren't taking the kids with us.

It's really hard to do trips sometimes with out your kids, even though you enjoy the ones with just your spouse and most likely need them, but when your planning them and you plan activities that you know one of your children would really enjoy, it's hard not to feel guilty that your not taking them.

So Duane and I got up to search the internet to see if there was any way in the world we would take them along. Again then you have to say to yourself... WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!! sometimes the biggest reason you take trip together without the kids is because you need a break away from the kids. I want to know, why doesn't that thought stop the guilt?

We ended up deciding to  leave for Cedar City for the day and go play with the grand-kids. Hunter didn't want to get up so we left him and went to play.

Played with Andi, put down for nap, took Alex to Lunch... (NASTY) won't go there again. Went and visited Kelli to see their new little one, and ended up at the SUU Gymnastics meet with, Jessica and the girls, Alex and Kelli and her two small ones. It was a lot fun.

Andi was clapping from the moment we walked in the door to the gym. Not sure what the facial expression Andi is making is for. I thought I was really funny and had to take a picture. And Alex was her favorite buddy through out the whole thing.  They are both entertaining.

I also thought this would be a good time to practice a few of the things I learned about my camera. Even though you would have no idea of the differences between these and some of the other I have taken, The difference would be, I meant it this time (not accident) and I set the controls, not in automatic mode.

After the meet was over the kids went down on the floor to play, Andi had to try some of the equipment and didn't want to leave. She will sleep good tonight.

After the meet we all went out to eat at Pizza Hunt.. Somehow, I was lucky enough to win $20.00 worth of pizza at the meet. It was good Pizza!!

A Lazy Day

Friday, March 11, 2011

Wednesday afternoon I went to a Photography Workshop in Las Vegas with my Friend Jennifer that was held at UNLV. We both have really nice camera's and thought it would be good to learn a little more about how to use them correctly. It was a 4 hour workshop on how to "Capture True Emotion". basically how to use your camera in manual mode.

I have been trying to go manually  for a while now, but was confused with a few things.  (not a very fast learner at times) I have to do things hands on, over and over and then I might learn it.

The class was really good. It confirmed things I already knew, Confused me on others, which they personally took time to help me with, the class taught me things I didn't even realize I could do with my camera.

So Friday was the first time that I had to just be lazy and go over what I learned, and so I got my camera, books, computer, warm blanket, and anything else I thought I might need and cuddled up on my couch and read my camera manual for the 100th time. The difference this time, I understood it a lot more.

I practiced all the different settings, confessed my self a little more, figure it out and start all over again. I couldn't get my batteries to charge fast enough for me, which made me realize one of my batteries die after only 15 minutes of use. Guess I need to order a new back up.

I only hope I can remember what I can do with each option, so that I can take pictures without having to stop and read and try different setting every time I try to do them.

One of my problems is... I try to learn to much at once. I need to learn to just take one concept and focus on that and nothing else until I can do it without thinking. So far I haven't been able to train my self to think that way, but I'll have to work on that if I ever want to do this without feeling confused when I try to take pictures for others.

Pinewood Derby Results

Thursday, March 10, 2011

We had our Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, I have to say, my car did better this year than it ever has before... but with that said, my car was over weight.

With all the extra wood I added to make the design was a little on the heavy side, but it didn't fall apart in the races. 

There were 20 cars that entered the race day. 6 of them were from the cubs themselves, the rest from leaders and family members. My car finished in 15th place out of 20 cars overall, I'm moving up in the world of Pinewood Derby's!!!

Hunter did really well with his car he was 3rd overall. 

The night was fun and all the cubs seemed to enjoy themselves. It's always fun when the whole family gets together to support their sons. 

I think the boys have the most fun is when the derby is actually over and they run their own cars down the track over and over. I ended up giving my car to one of the younger brothers of one of my cub scouts. His two older brothers had a car and he wanted one too. So I had Hunter go get mine out of the car and give it to him. He was so excited, Hunter couldn't believe I did it, he was a little sad, I guess I'll have to make another one for him.

I do have to say it was a lot of fun to build and work on the car with Hunter. I like it when he does something creative.

Bottle Chicken

Bottling Chicken... lot of work in the beginning, but worth it in the end. I got all my jars washed and everything set up waiting for the truck to arrive. The truck usually is here around 1:00, but no phone call. The truck didn't get in until 8:00 pm. It has never been that late, I almost decided it wasn't going to come in.

So once I got the call, went and picked things up, delivered a few orders we got home and got to work. If you can believe it, I even had Hunter and Duane helping.  Hunter lasted almost an hour, then suddenly he had to get his shower in cause he had to get to bed for school today. I need to have him work more often at bed time, he gets there a lot faster.

We got 100 lbs of chicken cleaned and put into jars by 10:00 and a batch started cooking and rest carried over to MaKayla's to set in the fridge for the night. Her fridge is always empty, which worked out great for us. As soon as that batch was finished, we just turned it off and went to bed, which was 11:30 pm. I'm so thankful Duane helped me out, I would have never gotten all that done last night with out his help.  He even got up early, went to work, got Hunter off to school, emptied the pressure cookers and I got to sleep in until 9:00.  

Now today I'm watching Chicken cook. While watching I got my pantry cleaned. (needed really bad) now everything is organized and it looks like we have no food in the house. I give it two days before it's completely messed up again.

If anyone has any wonderful recipes for the chicken send them to me, or post them in comments, I have some, but wouldn't mind trying new ones. 


Work Meetings to Derby's

These are a few things I made for our Relief Society Birthday Celebration. I made book marks with the charms on it. and etched the Relief Society Seal on vases for our center pieces with white daisies in them.

Did I tell you I was release from as the Relief Society other work meeting Leader? Well I was, just as I finished making my very last book mark a member of the bishopric came by the house and released me from the calling, and called me to a new one which is Cub Scouting. The RS still had me do the Birthday Party, so as of March 1, 2011 was my last work meeting for a while. I've been in there since 2008 when I was release from the RS Presidency. I have not been in Cub Scouts since I think 2005. But it fun to be back.

So here is what we've been working on in Cub Scouts. 
Love it. Here is a picture of my car. 

I wanted to try to make Mater but didn't have time, I played with Andi last week instead. I almost didn't make one but was watching Hunter make his and decided it looked like fun, so I made one.
Hunter's still working on his.

Our pinewood derby is on Thursday, My cars are never fast, usually lucky if it makes it down the track a couple of times. I go for the look not speed, though I have to say my wheels look pretty good this year.

Andi spends the week.

A day at the park...

Jessica called Monday and asked if I could come up for a couple of days because the girls were sick.  I couldn't go because I had our Ward Relief Society Birthday Celebration on Tues. so Duane  went up to help and ended up bringing Andi home to Mesquite.

When Andi comes to Mesquite she loves to go to the park with her papa. The only thing is that papa tries to teach her how to do things at the park that aren't quiet age appropriate so once in a while you get the tears.

She would do any of the slides, that is if Mahana would do them first. Mahana would go down the slide and then she would.

On another day we went to the park and she kept calling for Mahana to try it out first, but we didn't have her with us we left her home. She would keep slapping her leg yelling for Mahana.

Great Grandma Thurston wanted to go do some measurement on her property out in AZ. We were going to take the jeep and we had to fix a few things so the car seat could go in. 

We had gotten Hunter new seats for the jeep for Christmas, so she is helping us install the new back seat. When we were finished with the tools she didn't want to give them up.

The Jeep ride.

Andi loved the jeep ride. She enjoyed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the way out and enjoying the sun glasses on the way back.

Great Grandma Thurston gave a goodie basket to Andi filled with treat and toys.

She really enjoyed the bubbles... They worked really well until she had to hold them. There's just something about holding a bottle of bubbles straight up and not spilling them all over the ground without blowing them.

Once she lost interest in the bubble she made a mad dash to her papa. She did pretty good stomping through the desert.

Once she got her papa she took his finger and lead him back to Great Grandma Thurston car and raided for more cookies. She really did do it herself except open the car door.

Also while Andi was here we got all the weed pulled and cleaned the yard and we are all ready to plant some vegetables so we can see how fast we can kill them.

This is the first time we have had the hammock out in two years. I missed it.

Other things I wish I had pictures of:

Hunter driving Andi around in the rhino with her car seat strapped in. She loves the Rhino.
Andi dancing with MaKayla,  Andi raiding MaKayla's freezer for Popsicle.

One I did try to get was Andi teasing Mahana. Tried to get a video clip, but every time I would get the camera out she would notice and stand up and say cheese.

We  have to lock Mahana in her cage quiet often, for her safety and Andi's. Andi is not afraid of Mahana and she loves to tease her. Mahana was in her cage and Andi would keep going up to the cage and act like she was ever going to touch Mahana, Mahana would growl at her.  She would put it up close and hurry and pull it back and just laugh and laugh. Still one in a while she would pull the dogs hair and Mahana will snap at her, then she cries. You would think she would learn but she doesn't and she goes back for more.

We had Andi until Friday. It was a lot of fun having her. We joke that next time we are going to run away to Disneyland with her,